About Us

Premier Access is a business consulting firm that specializes in assisting small businesses with the resources required to excel in today’s economic landscape. Every business is unique; therefore we customize each program to meet the individual needs of our clients.


“Premier Access continues to grow ever day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. Without you, we wouldn’t have the top-rated funding programs that we offer our clients.”



We provide you with the knowledge and tools to help you build a successful business from the ground up!

Our Philosophy

Premier Access Consulting is focused and dedicated to providing top notch customer service. We believe that each client deserves to be treated with respect and the utmost care along the way.
Our Consulting Programs include much more than forming a new LLC or obtaining funding for our clients to start their business: Our Consultants empower you with the tools and knowledge to succeed in business for many years to come.
After an in depth review of each your credit profile, Premier Access Consulting creates a list of lenders based on your “credit DNA” and geographic location. This analysis allows us to create a funding strategy, a minimum guarantee and range of funding for you. Our approach ensures that you receive maximum funding at the best possible terms. At the conclusion of funding, we educate you on building and maintaining relationships with specific banks, since it is those very relationships which are key to future funding needs.
If you’re an existing business, we have many products and solutions for you as well. Maybe you need a quick capital injection for inventory or expansion or a new website and online marketing campaigns to drive traffic and boost sales. Whatever your business needs, PAC has a solution.

Why Work With Us?

Our Consultants have years of finance and business development experience. The experts here at Premier Access have an extensive knowledge of the lending industry and specific guidelines set forth by each lending partner.

We treat each client with care and respect during their journey and Customer Service remains a top priority. We feel it’s very important to educate our clients each step of the way so that they can be prepared for the future.

Our aim is to provide each client with the tools, education, services and funding they require. We also discuss the potential of unexpected costs associated with starting and maintaining a business and provide access to affordable working capital as needed.

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